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Indoor or Outdoor pool? It's no longer a question, with IPC enclosures, in minutes you can convert your outdoor pool in to an indoor recreational facility free from the ravages of nature. Never miss a day of relaxation in your own pool through the season.

Welcome to Mevor Ltd. Here you will find a wide range of spa and pool enclosures to keep your outdoor leisure area clean and comfortable all year round. We specialise in making swimming pools, spas, veranda and their surroundings enjoyable throughout the seasons. Our spa, veranda and pool enclosures make your swimming pool functional whatever the weather!

Even in the most unpredictable weather conditions, our pool enclosures can ensure that your swimming pool and spa is getting maximum use. Pool enclosures will also trap in heat, saving you a significant amount of money on your energy bills - and when the weather is good, you can still enjoy the open air. Pool enclosures can be easily operated by one person, making pool time convenient and comfortable for everyone.

The use of spa and pool enclosures can also keep your swimming pool clean and free from dirt. Choose pool enclosures with us today and you will see the many benefits...
        Why Enclosures?
  • Longer swimming season
  • Protection of children and prevention of accidents
  • Protection from dust
  • Energy saving
  • UV protection
  • Quick and easy to operate
  • Modern designs
  • Warranty up to 15 years

Veranda Enclosures

We would like to introduce our wide and new product range 2010 and present you with a number of versatile models designed for enclosing the outdoor areas of various types and purpose - 3SeasonsTM enclosures. From outdoor sitting areas to porches and winter gardens, restaurant and cafeteria gardens, all the way through to exhibition pavilions, conference lounges and even garages (if you so wish) there is an enclosure for you!

So many benefits of a swimming pool, spa and patio enclosure
  • Enables the pool to be used for a longer period (from late spring to early autumn) without additional water heating costs
  • Pool enclosures trap in the heat produced by the sun rays or heated water
  • Reduced temperature loss and lower water heating costs
  • Easier pool maintenance, water monitoring and detergent dosing
  • Shorter pool maintenance time
  • Pool enclosures keep the water free from dirt and debris
  • Limits damage to the pool during winter
  • Prevents accidents (especially important for families with children)
  • During hot days you can still enjoy the pleasure of an open-air swimming pool
  • Pool enclosures are very easy to operate, by just one person


  So many designs to choose from

With so many amazing benefits, pool enclosures are a great investment, and we can offer the high-quality IPC swimming pool enclosures at the best possible price. Whether you are looking for an enclosure for your spa, patio or pool, we have a wide range of different designs to suit.



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